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Story and Technical

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Space Required for Exhibition

Layout cassette


Feldspar is an n gauge coffee table layout, Fictional in the 1960s British

  • Running DCC through a Roco z21 Controller with its own Wi Fi to allow control from a smart phone of Pad.

  • The original table was recycled from a discarded pine bed. The exhibition version is made from stained white wood and has been made to come apart easily for transportation.

  • Feldspar made the illustrious pages of “Model Rail magazine”  Summer 2017

  • The railway station is situated on the outskirts of Feldspar, a small market

  • town somewhere right in the middle of England.  The layout is set in the early '60s; heavy industry - mining for the local granodiorite (a granite-like rock) - has tapered off and the Criollo & Co. chocolate factory is now the town's largest employer.  The railway services that, and a coal yard, as well as the town.

  • What is  Feldspar ?? ………  “Feldspar” is a component of granite rock.  Granodiorite is particularly rich in feldspar.

  • What is ”Criollo" ?? ………. Criolio is the finest of the three types of cocoa bean used in the chocolate industry (and, not at all coincidentally, is also the name of a type of horse - a tip of the hat to one of Anna's other main interests).

FELDSPAR : The Technical Stuff

Owned built and operated by Ray Taylor & Anna Bass

Layout type : N gauge Tail chaser (Coffee Table)

Layout Size : 4 ft x 2 ft ( 122 cm x 61 cm )

Overall display and operating size required : Corner position 

Full display (Includes walls, carpet, chairs and standard lamp :

Minimum area required : 8.2ft x 8.2ft  (2.5m x 2.5m )

Track height : 24 inch / 61 cm ( viewable for standing, sitting and children)

Operated from any side (Wi-Fi)

 Layout has its own lighting

Electrical safety : PAT tested certificate

Layout operation : DCC 

Insurance value : £8,000

Expenses required  :  25p per mile

Operators : 2 persons (1 male, 1 female)

Transportation : Fits in our own Vehicle

Home base : Great Bardfield, North Essex​

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